Best books for art history students

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best books for art history students

Best Art and Art History Books ( books)

Make Your Own List. Which are the best books to get a teenager excited about art history? We turned to veteran art history teacher John Harrison , formerly head of the art history department at Eton College, for his top five picks of the most illuminating and accessible books for getting a broad overview of the history of art. Interview by Benedict King. John Harrison teaches history of art at Eton College , one of the leading independent schools in the UK, with around 1, boys, and was head of its art history department for a decade.
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Choosing Art History Books

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Five Essential Books on Art History

Here, Ms. Rothschild gives her five picks for essential—nonturgid—reading in art history. I was at Oxford, and I did a course with Francis Haskell, a great art historian. And actually it was absolutely fascinating! He says Raphael dies from a fever brought on by excessive sexual exertions. And an artist called Rosso, he says he had a pet Barbary ape who got into a feud with a neighboring friar over grapes. How great is that?

Western Art and Art History

10 Best Art History Books 2018

The history of art is as vast as the history of the world. Mimicking and influencing social, cultural, and political trends, art intertwines with history and becomes a smaller piece of a giant evolving whole. From architecture to film to painting and sculpture, art history surrounds us and becomes an integral part of the fabric of our daily lives. From the development of 20th century movements like Modernism and Impressionism to the Italian Renaissance and the art of Asia and Africa, the following list compiles a variety of texts that touch on the way in which we view and understand art within the larger cultural context. Chosen for their readability and unique perspectives, the following books are essential to any student of art history. With beautiful full-color illustrations, and easy to read text, this popular volume offers students a detailed overview of the history of Western art as well as a glimpse into the history of art in China, Africa, Japan, Korea, and the early Americas. Amazon Link.

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  1. These must-have art history books for budding art historians belong on your shelf , whether you're considering a career in arts management.

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