Best true story horror books

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best true story horror books

8 Horror Novels that are Based on Real Historical Events - Electric Literature

Literature can be a moving, beautiful artistic experience. Skilled writers can bring us face to face with scenarios and emotions we might never encounter in real life, expanding our understanding of both the universe and our fellow man. It can also scare the living daylights out of us. Of course, a story can be terrifying without necessarily being great art. If your goal is to be so terrified of a book that you put it in the freezer and book a hotel room for a few days, here are twenty-five books that might not necessarily be the best horror novels, but are certainly the scariest. Add to Bag.
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Top 5 Scary Books You Should Avoid Reading Alone

23 Books That Are Actually Really, Really Scary

These books will surely give you a fright! Yeah, no thanks! It really makes you question the lengths you would go to for the ones you love. I'm not one to be startled by things, but at one point while reading this book, I had to turn on all of the lights in my house just to feel OK. Mainly because it shows how accessible we make our lives online. It makes me think twice about the information I put on social media, or even give a stranger my name.

Oct 20, Below, I have 11 horror books based on true stories that will have you Today, American Horror Story continues to freak out its audience, seven of Stephen King's IT rose to the top of the box office, becoming the No.
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I have always gravitated toward works of horror, even at a young age. John Saul. Stephen King. They lit a fire in me, made me curious about all the things that might be out there. All the things we cannot prove. Ghosts hiding around corners. Monsters lurking in shadows.

In fact, many of those were adapted from books. No amount of special effects, creepy soundtracks, and camera tricks can outdo a chilling story written by those who lived through the horror and survived to tell the tale. As far as scary goes, this is probably the tamest book on the list. One part ghost story, one part travel guide, and one part memoir. He goes on a journey throughout the US with the same mission: find the haunted places and delve into their often dark and mysterious pasts. Martin moved from his native Ireland to New York in the 60s and penned 17 books, many of which were critical of the Catholic Church and recounted his bouts of exorcism and battles with demons.

The scariest writing for me is not the bloodspattery, gore-filled prose. It is not even the kind that keeps me up at night, wondering if a killer is lurking in the shadows. Bottomline: I like psychological horror books. They inspire fear through suggestion, paranoia, and implication, rather than through violence, pursuit, or even gore itself. Below are the 25 most terrifying psychological horror books that I could find.

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