Best book on worship 2017

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best book on worship 2017

10 Books Every Worship Leader Should Read

By the time I was done, it grew to a list of 14! Our impulse is to blame the congregation for being too cold. But as leaders, we need to assume that the fault lies with us. Responding appropriately in worship is something that has to be taught. In fact, the Bible commands postures of worship. Part of your job as a worship leader is to do something similar with your people, calling them to the postures of worship that we see commended throughout Scripture.
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Worship leaders must continually stay fresh in our work. One great way is to read books on worship. I have compiled a two-part list of some of the best books for.

What Every Pastor Wishes His Worship Leader Knew

I began leading worship as a young teenager who wanted his youth group to sing. My mom had an old nylon string guitar buried in a closet along with a wrinkled sheet of chord shapes. I found some Hope Chapel Hawaii praise songbooks and started plowing my way through them one Saturday morning. Eight hours later, with fingers throbbing, eyes blurry, and brain exhausted, I emerged from my room-turned-woodshed ready to be a worship leader. It was only a few years later that I encountered the three books that would put me on a new trajectory. I now look back on the years between ages 18 and 21 as three very pivotal ones because of the paradigm shifts that redirected me toward a general course on which I still find myself sailing as a young thirty-something.

Recently I was asked about book recommendations for worship leaders. Highly recommended. This is an excellent introduction to understanding the mentality and biblical foundations of worship. Premise: Rich is a ministry veteran with a wide range of experience. This easy-to-read primer provides an insightful overview of the many leadership roles required for effective worship ministry. Premise: This is my favorite book on worship theology and it has shaped my ministry philosophy profoundly.

In no particular order, here are 20 MUST read books for worship leaders!

Harold Best turned 88 this past Monday. So I sent him an email thanking him once again for the ways God has used him to affect my thinking about music and worship. He was the dean of the Conservatory of Music at Wheaton College for 25 years and also served as president of the National Association of Schools of Music. Last year someone asked me how Harold Best had influenced …. When we started working on this project, I knew it was going to be a different kind of album.

Worship Leaders in the local church are spiritual leaders. This means we should be constantly sharpening our minds as well as our hearts and our skill. So we have compiled a list of books for worship leaders that seek to fulfill this need. In other words, you are not alone—both today and with those that have come before you exist a great cloud of witnesses to inspire you along the way. In their wake, they have left many resources, including these books for worship leaders that can be pertinent to worship today. Speaking of old, learning how and why biblical worship occurred and how Protestant traditions developed will enrich your modern worship context greatly.

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