Best books for aspiring ceos

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best books for aspiring ceos

31 Must-Read Books for Aspiring CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Frequent readers are constantly engaged with new ways of thinking, alternate perspectives, and a habitual effort for self-betterment. None of these things are exactly hurdles to success. In fact, when Warren Buffett was asked about the key to success , he pointed to a stack of books, saying "Read pages like this every day. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.
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Published 11.01.2019

15 Business Books Everyone Should Read

10 books every aspiring CEO should read

If being a leader was easy, then everyone would do it. What exactly sets apart those who reached the pinnacle of business achievement? What is their secret sauce? As an aspiring leader, your goal should be to create not just a good company, but a great one. From management to personal inspiration, they provide a broad palette to help you gain as much leadership insight and knowledge as possible.

The most important thing we can do to drive growth at this stage of our company's evolution is to learn how to effectively work together. Everyone on our team brings something unique to the table and my job is to make sure that all those things jive to create both business value and a productive, healthy environment. I find that you can always take away new learnings from this book. One of the mantras I live by is: It is what it is. My philosophy in business--and what I tell my team--is that when things are unfolding, don't spend a lot of time thinking about what happened. When things change and the cheese moves , focus on solutions. Change is a good thing.

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Let me say right out of the gate: I love millennials. Bottom line, Syed believes we should praise effort, not talent.

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Many 10X CEOs have achieved significant personal breakthroughs because they read the right book at the right time. But there are too many books and not enough time. How can this be? This book illustrates a clear, easy to follow framework that helps CEOs and executives make better decisions in business and in life. It provides a useful and clear framework for how a CEO can add value to customers, employees, and owners.

Think spending the summer lying on the beach with a book is unproductive? Think again. Successful leaders such as Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban dedicate hours each day to reading. But this often slows the whole team down, and ends up being more harmful than helpful, Stephen Covey argues. In the quick and competitive atmosphere of the start-up world, trusting your team is paramount. Eric S.

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