Best packaging for shipping books

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best packaging for shipping books

Book Packaging, Easy, Safe & Inexpensive

Hopefully, we here at Packaging Now will be able to explain how our books wraps are the ultimate choice when it comes to book packaging. Our passion is in p ackaging, by providing products that help our customers send out their products hassle free — saving you time and money. If you are a big online eCommerce store or even a small seller on marketplaces such as eBay that may sell book and ship them nationwide or even worldwide! Books come in many different sizes and types, but are generally shaped in the same rectangular style with various different thicknesses depending on the amount of pages the book may contain. With this in mind Packaging Now and our manufacturing sister company — design and manufacture packaging that is suited for these exact types of product, books, DVDs, computer games etc. We now offer our book wraps for sale directly online on our website, coming in various different sizes to cater for all the different sized books you may be selling and needing to ship out to customers.
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Published 11.01.2019

Book Haul Packing And Bagging Books for Amazon FBA Shipment

What is the best way to package hard cover and soft cover books? about the cost of the packing materials as you are getting a shipping.

Shipping Books? – The Best Book Packaging Solution

You've all seen it. That book trader that has a good old whinge on the forums about unreasonable customers leaving them negative feedback or demanding a refund because the book they've bought hasn't arrived via the mail in pristine condition. That trader is clueless as to why their website, eBay or Amazon account is littered with poor feedback, and why their business is failing to pick up. Whether it's a hardback, a paperback, a textbook, a comic book, or a journal - all publications of any type are vulnerable to being knocked about in the mail. Whether it's a mailing system automated 'runner belt', or an overzealous postman, books can and do take impact damage. This impact damage can be caused by something knocking into or onto the package containing the book, or it can be an impact inside the packaging itself, where the book has gained momentum and crashed against the packaging meant to protect it.

Whether you are selling books online, participate in a book exchange or are sending a book as a gift; learning the correct way to package and send a book can save you much time and money. At ParcelHero, our passion is shipping and we want to help you send your parcels wherever they need to go. Depending on the type of book you are sending there are different materials you will need.
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Mail Books Securely With Our Book Wraps

Please, no more cheap Book Mailers. Imagine trying to compare textbooks with a finely bound classic first edition., In my opinion-and in this case it's a strongly held opinion-only one method all but guarantees the protection of a book in transit. Ironically, I've never received a book from a seller using this method, although I've had to return damaged books on several occasions, even one that was packaged with obvious deliberation and good intentions.

What is the best way to package hard cover and soft cover books? I packed a few books by just wrapping them in brown paper. Does anyone have experience with this? Most books when I sell them, I mainly specialize in video games I wrap in bubble wrap, then plastic wrap that then wrap the kraft paper… label it and send it out. We keep three sizes of vinyl clad bubble envelopes in stock that happen to fit mass market paperback, trade paperbacks and most hardcovers. For mmpb, we snug the envelope to the book tightly to prevent shifting and the tape actually makes the package more rigid. For hardovers, we wrap the book in bubblewrap, sandwich that between two piece of cardboard bigger than the wrapped book and put all that in the bubble envelope.

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