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best comic book love stories

Romantic Tragedy: 20 Classic Comic Book Love Stories That Just Weren't Meant To Be

In the early days of comics, part of the standard superhero formula was the girlfriend. This was a generically pretty young woman who either worked or went to school with the superhero's secret identity. More often than not, she would loudly pine away for the big, strong superhero who saved her on a regular basis. Then, for extra laughs, she would turn right around and criticize her male friend -- who, as only the reader knew, was the dreamboat hero in question -- for being so weak or cowardly or timid. It's all very predictable and, frankly, a little insulting to both parties. Why is the girlfriend so shallow?
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10 Greatest Marvel and DC Couples!

The 10 Most Significant Superhero Couples of All Time

As much as we love certain comic book characters as couples, sometimes they are just destined to fail. Whether their personalities clash, space and time separate them for eternity, or they are just plain toxic for one another, doomed lovers exist across the realms of Marvel, DC, Image Comics and beyond. No fandom is immune from love that is destined to fail, no matter how big, how perfect or even how popular that love may seem. From mortals who lose their hearts to gods to superheroes and villains attempting to make it work in between fighting and executing crime, examples of trainwreck relationships are not difficult to find. They are even cute on camera when played by Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. While plenty of couples cite parental interference as a reason why they call it quits, Thor's daddy issues really did a number on his relationship with Jane.


Newsarama Comics. Though you still might hear the contentious groans from readers who fall on the 'thumbs down' side of the heated reaction to this relatively recent pairing, the romantic relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman may be one of the most important developments of the modern DCU - even if "Superman Reborn" wrote it out of continuity. Almost since they started appearing together in comic books, fans have speculated and argued over the possible pairing of the Man of Steel and the Amazonian princess - with writers and artists teasing it in alternate universes and imaginary sequences for decades. This relationship fell apart with the end of "New 52" and was excised completely from continuity with "Rebirth"'s "Superman Reborn. If Lois Lane was primarily a superhero, that duo would definitely be on this list. And, Wonder Woman may have found a new superhero hook-up.

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  1. While comic books have done a great job of teaching us the superhero slugfests and planetary threats, comic book characters manage to fall in love, started writing short stories around her and a whole universe was born.

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