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best to do list book

Wunderlist | To-do list, Reminders, Errands - App of the Year!: Wunderlist

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Published 11.01.2019

Build a Better To-Do List

Daily To Do List

The key to getting on top of your work is getting on top of your to do list. We sit at our desks with the intention of getting on with an important project but decide to fire off a quick email before getting started. According to life coach, Rachida Benamar otherwise known as The Coaching Diva people mistakenly believe this just involves jotting down everything you have to do in one long list and ticking them off one by one. Before even starting their to-do list, I always advise my clients that they need to have a clear idea about what goals they are trying to achieve. This is because your goals should determine your daily priorities. Goal-setting is a whole separate topic but the result of the process should be tasks that you can pursue immediately.

Evernote, Todoist, Notion, and more. The 23 best to-do list apps for iPhone and Android reviewed and ranked. Senior Editor at Productivity Land. Productivity hero by day, Twitter nerd by night. Follow me and let's talk about all things productivity. From notetaking to chores, purchases, and work, everyone uses to-do lists. So, we decided to look at some of the best to-do list apps for iPhone and Android this year and make this list.

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In Greek mythology, Tantalus was cast out of Olympus and punished for stealing ambrosia and nectar from the table of the gods. After his death, he had to stand for all eternity in a pool of water, just below the branches of a fruit tree. If he reached for the fruit, the branches moved up and out of reach. If he tried to take a drink, the waters receded. Call me dramatic, but to-dos lists make me feel like Tantalus.

To do lists help you remember tasks, prioritize them, and generally keep track of your work and life. Whether it's work assignments, books you want to read, or groceries you need to pick up, you won't remember them if you don't write it down. And to organize your life in the digital age, pen and paper may not cut it. Since you always have your phone and possibly your tablet with you, it makes sense to find a to do list app that's made for your iPhone or iPad. And thanks to the App Store, there's no shortage of them.

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