Best medical books for medical students

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best medical books for medical students

6 Must-Read Books for Medical Students | Med School Insiders

Finding time to read as a medical student can be tough, especially after long days in anatomy lab or nights reviewing lecture slides. Free time is a luxury that is usually filled with exercising, cooking, watching TV or hanging out with friends. However, even between these busy hours, there are some books that are must-reads for medical students. They are well-written, provide unique but essential perspectives on the field of medicine, and are just plain good. This is the list of the top 6 must-read books for pre-med and medical students, based not only on my own experience, but also the insights and opinions of several other medical students and residents. This book can be intimidating at first.
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Published 11.01.2019

Top Books For Premeds and Medical Students (2018)

Most medical students are super prepared. So they will spend a few thousand dollars to buy all the books on the list.

Medicine Reading List

Iteration is the key to personal growth. You can figure this out. The most important thing about your study lineup is that you are comfortable with it. One of the most pervasive medical student fears is the fear of missing out. Medical students love to compete with each other when it comes to resources. Anyone who tells you what you must and must not do is almost invariably wrong. Thanks for these recommendations!

Below is a subjective list of the 10 books every premed student should read before going to medical school. The list includes stories and perspectives from attending physicians, residents, interns, and even medical students. Happy reading! Sign-up for free today at Audible. Four of the books we list below are available as audiobooks on Audible. We know premeds love free stuff, so try it out!

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I remember feeling overwhelmed and often pushed my passion for medicine aside as I battled through hurdle after hurdle of the medical school application process.,





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