Best books on cyber warfare

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best books on cyber warfare

FSI | CISAC - Scholars examine cyber warfare in new book

When the Stuxnet computer worm damaged the Iranian nuclear program in , the public got a small glimpse into modern cyber warfare—without truly realizing the scope of this global conflict. Inside Cyber Warfare provides fascinating and disturbing details on how nations, groups, and individuals throughout the world increasingly rely on Internet attacks to gain military, political, and economic advantages over their adversaries. This updated second edition takes a detailed look at the complex domain of cyberspace, and the players and strategies involved. Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more.
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"WEB WARRIORS" Documentry over cyber warfare

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Cyber Defence

This is defined as actions that disrupt or destroy intended targets. At a time when US cyber policy is taking a new direction, Bytes, Bombs and Spies is one of the first books to examine strategic dimensions of using offensive cyber operations. With chapters by leading scholars, topics include US cyber policy, deterrence and escalation dynamics, among other issues. Many of the experts conclude that research, scholarship, and more open discussion needs to take place on the topics and concerns involved. One key issue is how to best respond to cyberattacks from abroad, such as the theft of millions of records from the Office of Personnel Management, the U.

On top of that not all of them are good enough to feature them on CyberDB. We have created a list with the must-reads cybersecurity books If you think that we have missed something, feel free to contact us and share your recommendations! Without further delay and in no particular order here is our list:. Find out how to block infrastructure hacks, minimize advanced persistent threats, neutralize malicious code, secure web and database applications, and fortify UNIX networks.

Cancel anytime. No skill is more important in today's world than being able to think about, understand, and act on information in an effective and responsible way. What's more, at no point in human history have we had access to so much information, with such relative ease, as we do in the 21st century. But because misinformation out there has increased as well, critical thinking is more important than ever. These 24 rewarding lectures equip you with the knowledge and techniques you need to become a savvier, sharper critical thinker in your professional and personal life.

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