Bill gates best books 2015

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bill gates best books 2015

Every Book Recommendation Bill Gates Has Ever Published | Time

Bill Gates is a very busy man, but as his admirers know, he makes time to read. The Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist regularly reviews books on his website and formulates lists of his favorite books of the year, or the best ones on a given subject. Note: In the assorted reviews category, we left off books that had been included in other lists — but when the same book appeared on multiple reading lists, we allowed the repetition. My Favorite Books of String Theory by David Foster Wallace. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. The Gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee.
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Self-made billionaire Bill Gates reads about 50 books a year.

Bill Gates reveals his 6 favorite books of 2015

Bill Gates says that he reads more than 50 books a year. Out of all of those, the Microsoft founder and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation head just selected six of the best titles he's read in In "Thing Explainer," Randall Munroe describes how everything from rockets to smartphones to the US Constitution work — using just the 1, most commonly used words in English. One of his favorite explanations is why microwaves — which Munroe calls a radio box — cook frozen foods unevenly:. When you put iced food in a radio box, after a while, parts of it start to turn to water. But since radio boxes are really good at heating water, those parts start to get hot really fast. They can even get so hot they start turning to air—before all the ice is even gone!

So he looks at ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions and at Richard Nixon, at eradicating disease and at how what we believe affects how we achieve. Be warned: Some of these books, he admits, are heavy going. It can remind us to pay attention to our neighbors around the world. Which mindset you have has a big impact on how you learn and where your life goes. Gates praises the book for offering a balanced portrait of Richard Nixon, the only U. As Gates put it, Nixon avoided conflict, and his staff would leave a meeting with opposite views of what they were supposed to do.

Bill Gates has become a powerful influence on publishing. So just what does Gates read? Quartz manually compiled all of the books recommended on his blog, which dates back to January , and organized them by topic. But this is relatively rare; Gates usually only blogs about books he recommends. Gates reads little fiction, as he readily admits, but will dabble in YA, comedic memoir, and graphic novels on occasion. As the co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he is wont to recommend books on development, poverty, disease, and education on his blog. Many of the books Gates endorses, especially those that focus on the long arc of human civilization, both its past and future, argue for an optimistic outlook.

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Randall Munroe, creator of the popular xkcd webcomic , explains difficult processes and concepts with the 1, most commonly used English words. It is not unusual to be discussing the latest disease research and hear someone throw around words like serum and in vitro and more complicated ones. I still go through that process today with different subjects. In addition, he writes:. He avoided conflict at all costs. His staff frequently left meetings with diametrically opposed views on what he had just asked them to do. Or he would be crystal-clear about what he wanted, while actually expecting his staff to ignore his demands.

The next in the series is Bill Gates, who shares his list exclusively with T. This novel about how the human race responds to the end of life on Earth rekindled my love for sci-fi. A mathematician explains how math plays into our daily lives without our even knowing it. The writing is funny, smooth and accessible — not what you might expect from a book on this subject. Harari also writes about our species today and how artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and other technologies will change us in the future. Why was Japan, the juggernaut of the s, eclipsed by South Korea and China?

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