Best books on evolution of man

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best books on evolution of man

List of popular science books on evolution - Wikipedia

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"Evolution 2.0" Book Review

Popular Human Evolution Books

Make Your Own List. Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne tells us why Darwin is still essential reading and sifts the vast amount of more recent writing on evolution for books that are both inspiring to scientists and accessible to general readers. He picks the best books on evolution. Interview by Sophie Roell. I know you had a hard time narrowing your list down to just five books on evolution.

Here are a few picks. Paleoanthropologist Chris Stringer of the Natural History Museum in London has been one of the biggest proponents of a theory of modern human origins called Out of Africa, which suggests that Homo sapiens evolved in Africa about , years ago, left the continent and then completely replaced all other hominids without any interbreeding. Tattersall, a curator emeritus at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, covers the last seven million years of hominid history, starting with the cast of contenders for earliest hominid. He ends by discussing how our superior brains and capacity for symbolic thinking and language allowed us to become masters of the planet, so to speak. Two of my favorite subjects in human evolution—the Hobbit a. But Falk, an anthropologist at Florida State University who studies brain evolution, argues that both fossils changed the course of human evolution studies.

Lone Survivors: How We Came to Be the Only Humans on Earth. If you're looking for a broader survey of human evolution, try Ian Lucy is not new, but it's still a great read that offers an insider's view on how paleoanthropology works. Written by Lucy's discoverer, Don Johanson, in , the book gives.
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Of course, no matter how well a text has been written, spending hours poring over hundreds of pages about the microbiome or the complete history of cancer still takes commitment. Find a cozy spot, pour yourself something warming, and trust in these first-rate authors to widen your horizon of humankind, the world, and the universe beyond. Doudna and Samuel H. Part two explores plausible applications — curing cancer and regrowing human limbs—and potential risks — unregulated testing on human embryos and creation of novel biological weapons — alongside side the inherent ethics debate encircling human manipulation of evolution. What about endowing unborn children with beneficial traits, like greater strength and increased cognitive abilities, or changing physical traits, like eye and hair color? The quest for perfection seems almost intrinsic to human nature, but if we start down this slippery slope, we may not like where we end up. Biologist Lee Hood revolutionized biotechnology when he invented tools for both protein sequencing and DNA sequencing during his nearly year career at CalTech.

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  1. Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne picks his top five and engagingly explains his there is nothing in On the Origin of Species about the evolution of humans.”.

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