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best book on battle of midway

The Battle of Midway by Craig L. Symonds

This best-selling work of nonfiction uses detailed interviews, letters, and diary entries to recount the story of the Pearl Harbor surprise attack. But the United States Navy would be waiting for them. In that gruesome stretch, 60, Americans made the jump from boat to beach, and one in nine did not return. Battle Cry tells the story of the 6th Marine regiment as they put aside their prejudices to fight together as a team at Guadalcanal, get cut off from the naval backup, and ultimately force the Japanese forces to retreat. Sloan Wilson, a veteran of both the Greenland patrol and the commander of a gas tanker, draws directly from his experiences to tell the story of Lieutenant Grant, commander of a small gas tanker tasked with bringing fuel for the invasion of the Philippines.
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Battle of Midway Tactical Overview – World War II - History

Battle Of Midway

Tags separate by space :. Jack Defevers. Dennis Shaper. Drew Ames. Judd Vance. Don't get me wrong; I love love Shattered Sword. In fact, I just finished rereading it.

Pacific Fleet. Combined Fleet. Southeast Asia. Southwest Pacific. North America. Manchuria and North Korea.

The book is also an outstanding value. Coauthor Jon Parshall personally designed and typeset the entire volume, and this, in combination with the good efforts of our publisher Potomac Books, Inc. Shattered Sword is a new, definitive account of the Battle of Midway, focusing primarily but by no means exclusively on the Japanese side of the battle. Throughout the book, the authors make extensive usage of new Japanese primary and secondary sources that have not been utilized in prior studies. These include the official Japanese War History series Senshi Sosho , the translated carrier air group action reports of the four Japanese carriers involved in the battle, the comprehensive Japanese casualty figures found in Sawachi Hisae's groundbreaking volume on the battle Midowei Kaisen Kiroku , and many others. The result is an account that is grounded less on first-hand personal accounts although these are found in plenty as well , and more on concrete operational data.

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A History of The Battle of Midway

The Battle of Midway , by Craig L. As Symonds explains, on the morning of June 4 the Japanese navy claimed the initiative and was in a position to choose from at least a half-dozen strategic options. On the other hand, the U. Navy—still reeling from the attack on Pearl Harbor—was strictly on the defensive and able to do little beyond desperately trying to defend its crippled Hawaiian base and its vulnerable outpost on Midway Island. By the end of that first day of battle their fortunes had completely reversed.

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  1. The Battle of Midway (Pivotal Moments in American History) The top history books of last year picked by Amazon Book Review Editor, Chris.

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