Best history books on the cold war

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best history books on the cold war

Ten Histories of the Cold War Worth Reading | Council on Foreign Relations

I am a Cold War junkie. I have always loved spy movies, especially James Bond, and have loved learning, watching, reading Cold War books. It was clever and funny. In graduate school, I explored Cuban Poster Propaganda, which is astonishingly beautiful. The list below are ten Cold War books that go beyond the traditional narrative. The first five are history books that lean towards the social and cultural. Political and economic trends are important, but I always am interested in what everyone was else was doing and saying.
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Cold War: Cuba(1959-1962) Documentary HD

The Best Books About The Cold War

Sunday marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The fact that the wall fell, and did so with a simple announcement rather than at the barrel of gun, remains one of the most consequential events of the twentieth century. To kick things off, here are ten terrific histories of the Cold War:. United States. Wars and Conflict. These ten books are by no means the only Cold War histories worth reading. Thousands of books and articles have been written on the subject.

For the young, it is history; for the elderly it is one of the times they But for almost everyone of any age, the cold war seems in retrospect.
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The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, John le Carré

W hat do you think of when you think of the cold war? - Clearly for reasons other than historical scholarship as the demise of the Cold War has certainly not stemmed the ever-increasing proliferation of books about a subject that has been exhaustively analysed and passionately debated. Even allowing for Arthur Marwick's legitimate observation that history is a constant re-writing and re-interpretation, a cumulative development, do we really need yet more student texts and a seemingly endless flow of research monographs?

List of the best books about the Cold War, including jacket cover images when available, voted on by fans of the Cold War nonfiction genre. All these popular books on the Cold War are ranked by votes, so the top Cold War books are at the top of the list. The Cold War is a term that encompasses the long post-WW2 struggle between communist USSR, China and democratic USA, Europe world powers, and thus is not a definitive event in world history, which means this list is going to be slightly fuzzy in what should or shouldn't be included. So feel free to add historical overviews of the Cold War era etc if you think they are deserving of this list. This well-researched Cold War bibliography includes out-of-print titles. If you're knowledgable about the Cold War then please vote on the top Cold War nonfiction titles you have read.

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