The best book covers of all time

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the best book covers of all time

The 22 Most Iconic Book Covers Of All Time

But it is December, and therefore I am inclined to ask: which book covers were the best? As I did last year and the year before that , I asked the experts: book designers. This year, I asked 27 designers to share their favorite book covers of the year, with a bit about why—and they came back with a whopping 75 different covers of note. But of course, some of them had similar ideas about the best of the best. Here are the stats:. The press with the second most covers on the list:.
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Favorite Book Covers!

Top 10 Book Covers OF ALL TIME!!!!

The 50 Coolest Book Covers. It's the first thing you see, and a great cover can draw you in and persuade you to start that journey of discovery, page by page. We've picked 50 of the coolest for you to enjoy: some are iconic; some are clever; some are beautiful; some are scary and many have transcended their original home to become as famous as the book itself. The Soviet style of Obey's work suits the content of the book perfectly and the all-seeing eye gives that essential element of creepiness. A brilliant piece of graphic design, with this minimal design inverting the traditional yellow acid smilie to create a gentle melancholic frown, using just the title and author - a simple, but effective trick.

Books are everywhere. They have been used for millenia. Billions have been read. They have to catch the eye of potential readers in seconds. Yesterday and on Saturday I gave books at on my list, now you can discover my top 5. You may agree or disagree, or have other nominees-please comment or contact me.

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That pressure to stand out inspires a lot of creativity among publishers, and every year, some truly amazing covers are designed. Yet only a few truly penetrate into pop culture to become iconic—perpetually recognizable, often imitated. Here are 10 of the best book covers of all time. Add to Bag. Beowulf , translated by Seamus Heaney. The intensity of the image conveys horror, violence, and strangeness effortlessly, with the end result being that somewhat more people are familiar with this strange epic poem than before this cover hit the shelves. The Great Gatsby , by F.

Legendary words, legendary art. The paperback edition of Sylvia Plath's tragic book, with its title crafted in gothic font, perhaps captures the tome's mood the best. Paul Bacon, an American book jacket designer and jazz musician, created this stunning cover for Joseph Heller's novel. Though Frey's "memoir" was later outed as fictional, the book's cover, featuring a hand adorned with sprinkles, remains one of the most recognizable of the 21st century. Here's a terrific, more in-depth treatise of the painting. The Bantam edition of Night adapted the chilling French edition design for a new paperback.

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