Top 10 best detective books

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top 10 best detective books

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Wilkie Collins, The Moonstone. All of the ingredients are there: the country house, the handful of likely suspects, the seeming impossibility of the crime, and the sleuth in search of the answer Sergeant Cuff, although the actual investigation of the crime is something of a team effort. After a body is discovered in a cab in Melbourne, Detective Gorby sets out to solve the mystery of the corpse, and who murdered the victim. The book was a huge bestseller, selling , copies in its first six months in Britain alone. Although Sherlock Holmes featured in over 50 short stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle only ever wrote four full-length novels starring the sleuth. The Hound of the Baskervilles is the most famous of these novels, and was written during the ten-year period when Holmes was effectively killed off by Doyle he would bring him back from the dead the year later; this novel is sold as an old case Holmes took on before his encounter with Professor Moriarty on Reichenbach Falls. Is there really a giant hound with supernatural properties terrorising people on Dartmoor?
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Top Five Crime Novels

The Best Crime Novels

If you were a regular Harriet the Spy as a kid, dust off your trusty notebook, polish up the old magnifying glass, and get back in the game with the best mystery books for adults. We've found you a solid selection of classics, a few you may have seen on the big screen , as well as a few newer books. Whether you tend toward the Stephen King-esque thriller novel side of the shelf, or prefer your crime books with a little girl power , there's bound to be something on this list to tip off your inner investigator. Let's face it, even the bad mystery books are great fun, but these are well-written and exciting to sleuth out. And if any one of these has you saying, "elementary, my dear Watson," move right on down the list — there's always another case just waiting for the next Miss Marple to crack it wide open.

Full of Whodunnits and crimes that have left the police baffled as to who committed them, this list contains our top 10 detective novels. What seems to be a fairly simple task, turns out to be anything but, as people close to the Sternwoods start dropping like flies. No list of detective novels would be complete without Sherlock Holmes and this story is one of his most famous. Sir Charles Baskerville dies under suspicious circumstances, although the coroner rules it is to be by natural causes. A great read that just had to be part of our list. Whilst this macabre novel by Thomas Harris would be equally at home in the horror section, the Silence of the Lambs also has a deeply intricate web of mystery and intrigue to it, as FBI agent Clarice Starling tries to track down a prolific serial killer named Buffalo Bill.

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Journalist Billy Jensen spent fifteen years investigating unsolved murders, fighting for the families of victims., When speaking of novels and literature a bookworm looks for art, action, fiction, narration, suspense; and mystery is the genre that covers it all.

Lucy Worsley's The Art of the English Murder is a fascinating look at how the detective novel was born from crime reporting, and how, eventually, detective fiction gave way to the darker American-style thriller of the Cold War era. Here, Worsley picks the 10 best fictional detectives. Around the turn of the nineteenth century, Britons were flooding from the countryside into towns and cities. Their lives were safer now from nature and its dangers — famine, wild animals, disease. Their thoughts turned instead to the stranger living next door. Who was he? What might he do?


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