Best books about arthurian legend

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best books about arthurian legend

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Great post over on the wonderful Elegant Variation blog, offering a compare and contrast of various versions of the Arthur legend , which got me to thinking which version of the story is my favourite. There was a period during my childhood when the characters of Greek mythology and knights of Camelot vied for my affections. The first were delivered primarily via the peerless Usborne Book of Greek Myths and Legends , over which I'd pore minutely paying particular attention, for reasons perhaps best left unexplored, over the page devoted to the escapades of "wicked women". I was introduced to the second at a slightly younger age by Ladybird's King Arthur series, my favourite of which, Mysteries of Merlin , opened with the line "In the hall of his palace old King Uther Pendragon of Britain lay dying", which exerted a powerful grip over my childish mind: on a mawkish day I could squeeze out a tear or two over it. Once I grew out of the Usborne book, however, I pretty much gave up on Greek mythology — entirely my parents' fault, as they failed to furnish me with a second round of books on the subject. When it came to King Arthur, though, the books just kept on coming, and the flame of obsession, consequently, burned bright. At university, I got back to the source material with Malory , and indulged myself with Tennyson.
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Stories of King Arthur and His Knights Audio Book

Few tales cast a spell quite as lasting as the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

The king of Arthurian tales

King Arthur, considered as one of the most famous heroes from history, was a British leader who protected Britain against the invasion of Saxons. Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are known to the world, how they led a path of enlightenment in the dark ages. The existence of King Arthur is still debatable, some believe in his existence, while others consider him a legend only. The story of King Arthur from his days as a child has been presented in this book. The author has elaborated how Merlin, the magician, saw a future king in Arthur, along with the hatred and treachery that awaits the future king. The author here will present the adventurers of the Knights of the Round Table.

Arthurian Fantasy is easily defined as any fantasy story incorporating the legends of King Arthur and his many companions. The stories of Arthur have been told and retold for centuries. Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote the History of the Kings of Britain in These two compilations are the general source material for the King Arthur legends. Most readers know the story of Excalibur, they know about the Arthur-Guinevere-Lancelot love triangle, the quest for the Holy Grail, they know the story of Arthur's conception. The appeal of Arthurian Fantasy is the imaginative retellings of these classic stories and the reinvention of these legendary characters.

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The Matter of Britain stories, focusing on King Arthur , are one of the most popular literary subjects of all time, and have been adapted numerous times in every form of media. Relatively straightforward adaptations of the legends, reconstructed history, or modern Arthurian material. The History Channel special Quest for King Arthur , hosted by Patrick Stewart , with an introduction by Ioan Gruffudd , highlights several historical figures who may have contributed to Arthurian legend. It was shown on the History Channel just prior to the release of the film King Arthur , which featured Gruffudd as the character Lancelot and doing a voice-over introduction. The obvious tie-in was to assert the historical accuracy of the film. King Arthur is the namesake of a brand of flour, King Arthur Flour. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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