Best natural hair care books

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best natural hair care books

12 Natural Hair Books Every Natural Should Own

Image Source: CreateherStock. So we all have questions about natural hair: how to moisturize it, how to grow it longer, how to define our curl pattern, how to determine if our hair is protein sensitive; the list goes on and on. There are some really great blogs out there — like this one — that are extremely helpful and that should be frequently consulted in moving you further along in your natural hair care journey. Additionally, most of these publications are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble so they are very easy to purchase. Below is a list of the top ten natural hair care books that reveal more knowledge about the beautiful but sometimes challenging hair type called curly.
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Natural Hair Care: Step-by-Step Guide To Healthy Curly Natural Hair [Meloney Washington, Angela Hill] on Are you tired of spending countless hours searching for good hair tips and advice? Are you This book was written with you in mind.

The Best Hair Books That Everyone Needs to Read

I could go on all day about how important reading is for mental development all day long, but when reading about a specific topic like natural hair, reading can give a whole new insight on how to care for your hair, style it and maintain it to keep it healthy! Some of the pretty styles I ever seen on natural women were from publications. I love YouTube videos for the obvious reason but some times, there is simply more very real education about a topic in a book. Another thing about most of the natural hair books on the market is that they are not difficult reads at all. Another good reason why every natural should have at least once natural hair book in her arsenal is because it is excellent reference material. With the millions of YouTube videos to search through, sometimes it is hard getting a simple answer. Because the words in a book do not change, you have a quicker reference guide there.

The Best Hair Books

There is no doubt that Youtube and blog posts are true lifesavers, but sometimes we curly girls need our answers all in one place. Here are four must-have books on natural hair:. Take the guesswork out of hair product purchases. It lists the most popular ingredients found in synthetic and all-natural based hair products. We browse YouTube and various blogs to find all the answers to our questions. Curly Nikki has been a go to natural hair guru on the web since the beginning of the new natural hair wave. On her website Kimberlyelise.

Are you looking for ways to grow longer hair or retain the length of your hair? This book, written by Chicoro explains how to increase hair growth using a simple six-step process. She shares a personal story of her struggles with growing black hair, a common struggle that many readers share. This book provides a realistic view on how to grow black hair to great lengths. It has more than 60 coloring pages for girls and boys with curly hair. Click here to learn more about the Curly Kids Coloring Book.

Click on the picture to purchase this book. Sometimes in this journey we can hit a wall in our progress which leads to frustration! That wall could be caused by things we don't realize are affecting our hair such as: the condition of our water hard or soft the porosity of our hair high or low or simply the products we are using. That's why expanding our knowledge can be a huge help. Finding a comprehensive Natural hair book can be overwhelming too!

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  1. Here is our list of the best of the best, natural hair books that every Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care: A Parent's Guide to Beginning Natural Hair.

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