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best books about savannah ga

The Best Books About Georgia - This Is My South

Reading and travel go hand-in-hand in my mind , so I always try to select a local book or two to read before visiting a new location. If you're headed to the Lowcountry soon and want to get in the spirit before your trip, here's the scoop on which books about Savannah are worth purchasing and which ones aren't. FTC Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a small referral fee from purchases at no additional cost to you. You can read our affiliate policy here. Stick with me, friends, because this is going to be a long list! You know a city as unique and pretty as Savannah is bound to be the backdrop for a LOT of interesting stories. In fact, I'm beginning to have the makings of a fairly decent library about the city!
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I was talking to someone who suggested to read the books "Midnight Are these good books? I won't have time enough to many good books before I come it takes me awhile to read a whole book , so I would like to know a couple of good books to read first. It shot to the number one spot on the NY Times nonfiction bestsellers list. It stayed 1 for over a year. It stayed in the top 10 for over 4 years. The "tourism" level we have today was never present before "the book" as we call it was published.

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Note that this post does contain affiliate links, but will not add any additional fees to your purchases. There are few books as well known as Gone with the Wind , written by Atlanta native Margaret Mitchell. Her masterwork was inspired by her time growing up around Civil War veterans as well as visiting relatives in rural Jonesboro. She experiences love and loss in what is considered to be the Great American Novel. She later lived on a farm in Milledgeville , where she lived out her days while suffering from lupus.

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  1. Have you ever been to Savannah, Georgia? Being there is like existing in the 21st century and the antebellum at the same time. That's not so much on the.

  2. Are you heading to Savannah, Georgia anytime soon? I've got a great list of books set in Savannah that you'll want to read before you head.

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