Best books to improve emotional intelligence

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best books to improve emotional intelligence

The Best Emotional Intelligence Books | Five Books Expert Recommendations

Are you new to emotional intelligence? As the inventor of Wheel Potential app an eight-time international award-winning self-help tool that tracks your average feeling, and improves your emotional intelligence. This was the first book I read in regarding emotional intelligence. Goleman studied some earlier work of Peter Salavoy and John Mayer —this is where doctor Goleman became familiar with the term emotional intelligence. Goleman would later name his book using the words Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ book helped me understand my feelings and wellbeing.
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Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Dec 31, Best Books on Emotional Intelligence; Daniel Goleman's Books on Those of us with some leadership experience may enjoy learning ways to.

10 must-read emotional intelligence books for leaders

It's also a skill set that can be learned. To help you get there, we've rounded up 10 insightful books for IT and business leaders. Let's dig in:. From the Amazon description: "If you read nothing else on emotional intelligence, read these 10 articles by experts in the field. But this book offers examples of what emotional intelligence concepts look like in action.

Make Your Own List. We are taught to value intelligence and academic ability, but raw mental firepower does not always translate into success at work or a life of contentment. Just as important are the skills that make up 'emotional intelligence,' says Daniel Goleman , whose bestselling book popularised the concept. Here he chooses five emotional intelligence books that explore its practical applications. Interview by Cal Flyn.

If one of your commitments for is to read more an admirable goal , here are some suggestions for learning more about emotional intelligence. I originally published this blog post in with just four books, and those selections still hold today. Over time I have added more books, each one of which offers something different if you are interested in learning more about EQ. If you decide to buy any of these books from Amazon. This way a donation will be made at no cost to you to the charity of your choosing every time you buy. This book is a distillation of the concepts and approaches that I have been using with more than a thousand leaders in sessions, courses, workshops, and seminars. As well as breaking down emotional intelligence as a concept, it describes the behaviours and characteristics of an emotionally effective leader.

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I didn't learn about emotional intelligence until well into my 30s. By that time, I had started to realize that the best leaders -- those exhibiting high levels of EQ -- typically showed more self-awareness , collaborated better with others, and got promoted faster. -





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  1. In my 20s--well before founding a company and writing about servant leadership --my library was mostly composed of books about sports, science fiction, and whatever young, self-centered men were reading in the '90s.

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