Best makeup books for makeup artist

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best makeup books for makeup artist

10 Books every makeup artist should read - Makeup Freedom

Being a makeup artist is wonderful and creative career path to take. If you are into makeup, but also into fashion, beauty, movies or theatre, you can work on really dynamic and exciting projects. Makeup books are there to show you the first steps into this world. Many of these books are not meant only for makeup artists, they are also for the ones that want to learn more about makeup artistry. But maybe it happens that these books will inspire you to pursue a makeup career, and apply to a makeup school , who knows! If you want to become a makeup artist and you are not sure where to begin, this article is for you. With beautiful imagery, these makeup books also make a great gift or coffee table book that you will come back to again and again.
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Whether you'd like to learn more about make-up and hair, discover what your approach to skincare should be or obtain new knowledge on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, be inspired to become your own beauty expert by investing in these Bazaar -approved tomes. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

17 Makeup Books To Read If You Are an Aspiring Makeup Artist

We've gotten a few emails about what books we recommend, so here it is: the books we consider the best makeup books, both for those people who simply want to learn makeup, and those who want to start a career in makeup artistry. On the page below, we'll discuss two types of books: the kind that teach you skills and techniques, and the kind that teach you how to navigate the beauty industry and get paid for providing makeup services to clients. Any questions? Hop down to the "Comments" section and ask away! First up: Making Faces , by Kevyn Aucoin. You may notice that in any post about the best makeup books, you will always find a few titles by Kevyn Aucoin.

Makeup books: What's the point, right? In the age of the YouTube tutorial, Insta makeup explanations and products that are easier to use than ever before, you'd be forgiven for believing that makeup books are just a waste of coffee table space, but you'd be wrong. Where once beauty skills and knowledge were only available to professional makeup artists, the democratisation of this information, largely spurred on by social media, means that if an author wants to launch a beauty book, they have to bring their A game. Rather than basic product guides or hard-to-follow diagrams, the new wave of makeup manuals and guides teach you so much more than any YouTube tutorial, from the history of your makeup bag to everything you need to know about eye makeup. So make room on your bookshelf—keep scrolling for the five most useful makeup books you'll want to live your life by. What's it about: Well, as the name would suggest, it explains everything there is to know about almost every single eye-makeup look going.

Although this gorgeous book was written 20 years ago the techniques and applications in this book are still useful and relevant today. Any aspiring makeup artist should have this book on their must-read list to learn the fundamentals of beauty. Lisa Eldridge is one of the few makeup artists that I follow on Youtube — I could listen to her soothing voice all day, and she is wonderful at explaining the techniques she uses, as well as the history behind it. This is not a how-to book for budding makeup artists, but rather a recounting of the impact that makeup has had throughout history, and the book is full of gorgeous pictures from times past. Covering the in-person Bootcamp framework in a self-paced course, the book and accompanying workbook will help train your creativity, accuracy, and confidence. Assisting Rules is the definitive guide on how to be a perfect assistant to a Head Makeup Artist or Hairstylist. I read this entire book in one sitting — the writing is laid back, and informal and it felt like having a discussion with an old friend or maybe it felt like that because I am so used to hearing her gorgeous voice on YouTube.

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