Best tarot books for beginners

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best tarot books for beginners

17 Must-Read Tarot Books Listed from Beginner to Advanced ()

The tarot is misunderstood to be a frivolous science, when in fact learning tarot is a lifelong, personal journey through the wisdom of the ages, aka history, religion, mythology, symbolism, and much more, making reading basically essential to learning tarot after all, this is tarot reading. As a tarot reader, I am continually seeking new ways to educate myself on the foundations of tarot, divination, and reading. To do this, I have sought many books about tarot to deepen my practice and understanding of tarot and my own spirituality and worldview. My list of the 15 best tarot books range from beginner to advanced level of tarot reading and are hand-picked from my personal experience. Some of these books are eclectic, but all of them have helped enrich my tarot reading. These 15 best tarot books, with 5 books for each level of readers, will help you start reading and progress to a deeper relationship with tarot cards and the tarot system.
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Tarot for Beginners Part 4 - Top Tarot Books

Tarot decks exist in a variety of styles, often drawing from mythologies like King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, manga, and even modern concepts like the Instagram tarot. The best books on tarot give you a guide on where to start.

25 Tarot Books You MUST Read If You Want To Grow Your Tarot Skills!

It was about time as the book format really has the advantage of practicability and manageability over the downloaded format; you can easily carry it around without risking to loose sheets, and it is lighter. The book is divided into five sections: the lessons section, the exercises, the suggested answers to the exercises, the individual card descriptions and interpretations, and the information concerning the Celtic Cross. The lessons are more like at set of good articles. They cover everything from the reversed cards, to formulating a question, to setting an atmosphere. They are clear and concise, but although a bit short. The card information is the best part: Bunning definitely takes an intuitive approach that I like.

Sep 28, Tarot , Tarot Books , Uncategorized. This is still true to this day — I am always reading something. In fact, I collect more books about tarot than actual tarot decks. There are many great books about tarot on the market today and more coming out every day. Here are some of my absolute favorite tarot books that I love to recommend:. This list is not in any particular order nor is this list complete — you may have other favorites or may disagree with my choices.

Reading Tarot often means reading anything and everything we can get our hands on! From books and guidebooks to worksheets and blogs — as Tarot readers, we like to have a lot of information available. But while we love to learn, sometimes it can lead to overwhelm. With so many options available, how do you know what to choose? Where should you spend your energy, time, and money? With so many new resources on the market now including my own!

New Favourites

Sometimes, we need a little help sorting the signal from the noise. To that end, here is a list of books and other resources that have boosted my tarot game and enriched my understanding of the cards. This is a pair of books I always recommend in tandem, because I read them both when I was first learning, and together they helped me to deepen my understanding of both the philosophy and the practical applications of the Rider-Waite-Smith system. It gives some history, and looks at individual card meanings with a lot of focus and depth, particularly for the Major Arcana. The real gold in this book is the way it describes the underlying philosophical structure of the deck, with attention to its historical origins in the Western esoteric tradition. If that all sounds quite theoretical, fear not!

Growing and developing your tarot skills often means reading anything and everything you can get your hands on. This, however, can be a bit overwhelming. E specially when you are a total newbie in the world of tarot, as there are so many tarot books to choose from. Where to start with so many options available, how do you know what to choose and what resonated with you? As a tarot reader, I have sought many books about tarot to deepen my relationship with the cards and the tarot system.

I think not. Before I begin, as with everything I share, take what resonates with you and simply leave the rest. In this post, I am reviewing books that are focused on the Rider Waite Smith system. I do have a number of Tarot books about all different Tarot systems and subjects but these have been chosen to work in the series of the blog posts and videos. This is also not the be all and end all of Tarot books for beginners, or Tarot books in general. These are just some books for you to consider. I could actually recommend an entire fucking library but too much in the beginning can be overwhelming.

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