Best books on natural dyeing

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best books on natural dyeing

Natural Dyer's Resources - Wearing Woad

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A selection of craft books which explore the different types of dyes; their history and origin, how they are used and for which fibres they have been formulated. Other books explore the techniques of applying dyes and paints to different substrates. The natural dyes and mordant chemicals available on this website can be used in different combinations and using different methods to produce an array of natural colours.
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Natural Yarn Dye Extravaganza - 5 Magical Colours: ALL FROM GATHERED PLANTS - Last Minute Laura

Jul 12, Last month I wrote about the 5 best natural dyes that were identified at the 10ISS conference in Oaxaca. Here's the five best natural dye books.

Natural Dyes

It therefore seemed a good time to write about the production of the book and some of the issues which arise when a book of this kind remains available for such a long period of time. I suspect most readers have little idea of what goes on behind the scenes during the production of such a book and some may assume that, as the author, I would have control over the content of the book. However, this is not necessarily the case, as publishers usually have a clear idea where they want a book to fit into the market and the author has to comply with their wishes in most instances. If one is lucky, it may be possible to make compromises but often the author is the one with the least control over what goes into the book. As it turned out, it has proved an excellent title choice, as it clearly distinguishes it from other natural dyeing books.

1. Introduction

Book Review - Dye your own fabrics & yarns with natural plant dyes

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This page is designed to help you become a successful and happy natural dyer. Not all dye books are created equal, and some are more detailed than others. Depending on your own level of skill, some of these natural dye resources will be more helpful than others. Koekboya by Harald Bomer. This book is my go-to book to figure out why certain natural dyes are better than others. This book covers most of the natural dyes used in the historical Turkish carpets, with details on what plant constituent causes the natural dye color and what other plants also contain it.

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