Best surf books of all time

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best surf books of all time

Top 6 Must Read Surfing Books

While the summer season is starting to wind down, we still have nearly a month left to enjoy the warm water, the beautiful weather and the time-honored tradition of reading great books. Happily, there is a surprisingly solid selection of fantastic literature with a surf narrative to choose from. No need to wait for a new release — here are five books that continue to withstand the test of time. Finnegan considers the religious quality of surfing and examines who or what is being worshipped. Along the way, Tucker is introduced to some heavy HB locals, learns how to surf and pursues the suspected murderer of his sister in this captivating tale that is the benchmark for every fictional surf novel ever published. Along the way, Weisbecker meets new friends, encounters frightening enemies and finds amazing waves in a captivating memoir filled with adventure and self-discovery.
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World's best surfing 2017

If you want to read the best surf books, start here. We spend so much time daydreaming about our favorite hobby/ritual/practice that it only.

An Endless Summer of the Best in Surf Lit

The joy of surfing very much centres around the unique sensation of actually doing it, making it a tricky subject to write well about. However, there are some excellent literary works in the surf book genre, focussing on the journeys, the characters, life lessons and the beautiful vistas the surfing lifestyle bestows upon its most dedicated participants. Throughout his various journeys to the furthest reaches of the globe he documents life changing relationships and events of immense personal and historical importance, all interspersed with tales of harrowing near-death wipeouts and incredible discoveries, including at an at the time little known tropical island called Tavarua. The book is filled with convivial anecdotes, life lessons and deeply intelligent analysis of the culture in which we are all embroiled to one extent or another, making it a must read. Click here to buy it now! His tone is authoritative and the breadth of his knowledge supreme, making this imperative reading for the curious surfer come history buff. This is the long-awaited memoir of Yvon Chouinard, legendary climber, businessman, environmentalist and the founder of Patagonia, Inc.

Mike Waldron.
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Let My People Go Surfing

I grew up in an old fishing village in Massachusetts, which is nothing to complain about, I know, but the water there was so goddamn still it could drive you crazy. The beaches were protected from the North Atlantic by two hundred square miles of bay, twenty islands, a few thousand islets and ledges, and a dredged harbor with a controlling depth of fourteen feet. A rough day meant the waves broke over your shins instead of your ankles. As a teenager I began to read surf books. I wanted a storm-born swell that rolled for a thousand miles and broke over coral, and I wanted to see somebody, preferably a Hawaiian, ride the thing like he was taking communion. Come summer, the old habit tends to resurface.

Surfing is one of those majestic sports where adventure thrives and life lessons come alive. Surf vicariously through some of the best surfers, and authors, who explore the waves of life in search for peace, love and soulful living. Heller travels to Southern California and Mexico with his girlfriend and comes across some eccentric surfers to share some humorous tales. Kook is a love story with his surfboard, girlfriend, a not-so-old man, and the sea. This historical piece of art to contain nearly pages, , words and more than photographs.

Thanks to the dedicated work of a few intrepid surfers and eloquent wave enthusiasts, there are few rare surfing reads worth searching for. Breath by Tim Winton. As a teen, the thrill of big wave riding caused a few heavy hold downs. With experience and emotion drawn from the West Oz ocean, Tim Winton has conjured mythical waves for all to enjoy in Breath. Dogs of Winter by Kem Nunn. Kem Nunn writes surf fiction with a dark side, and Dogs of Winter is no exception.

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