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best books about modern china

20 Best China Books – China Channel

Here, we have compiled the ten best nonfiction books about China so you may further your comprehension of the country that plays such a significant role in our lives. In this historical narrative, journalist Stella Dong weaves the sordid tale of Shanghai between and , when crime and illicit sex were rampant and spies and warlords swarmed the city streets. Despite this, little is known about the movement or its importance. Leslie Chang portrays the unknown story of these workers by documenting the lives of two women over a span of three years. She incorporates her own experiences to create a poignant portrait of the migrant worker and explore how the movement is transforming the lives of families across the nation.
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#CHINESELIT Literary Prizes in China + Modern Classics Recommendation

Paul Mason's top 10 books about China

Some readers wrote to ask for suggestions of books they could read to dive even deeper into the topic. Hessler, for example, undertakes a 7,mile trip across northern China, following the Great Wall all the way from the East China Sea to the Tibetan plateau, his rental car packed with a tent and food supplies that will make your teeth ache: Coca-Cola, Oreo cookies, candy bars, Gatorade. Read our review. At the extremes, peasants traverse the land selling their blood to the highest bidder while multimillionaires build mansions that are replicas of the White House. Its continuum of orthodoxy slides between animism, Taoism, Maoist atheism and the quasi capitalism of its favorite son, Deng Xiaoping. Thoroughly researched and compellingly written, it is at once a revealing study of character and leadership, a vivid reconstruction of a critical episode in the history of the early Cold War and an insightful meditation on the limits of American power even at its peak.

We are selective, of course, and these recommendations are far from comprehensive. We hope this is useful as an open sesame for new China watchers, or to encourage old hands to plug holes in their bookshelf. The lists are designed as all you need to pack your bag or Kindle with to grasp that aspect or perspective of China, without being overwhelming. Naturally, we have missed out a plethora of wonderful books. But, we hope, this is only the beginning of your reading. Angilee Shah, Jeffrey Wasserstrom — An anthology that brings out the range of ordinary and extraordinary lives in China disclosure: edited by a founder of the China Channel.

Make Your Own List. Interview by Alec Ash. What legacy of the revolution and its vision for a modern nation can we see in China today, or have the changes of the 20th century been so dramatic that there is none? One of the ironies a century on from the revolution of is that in some ways China is a completely different country from what it was a century ago — everything from the skyscrapers of Shanghai to the massive development of rural areas in western China — and yet many of the problems that the revolutionaries of were trying to solve are still very relevant to China today. The questions of what is the Chinese nation state — is it an empire, a republic? The sense of social crisis is very real [today].

This list was compiled based on own preferences and that of many readers whom we asked about their favorite sources within this category.
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‘Country Driving,’ by Peter Hessler

His first novel, Rare Earth, has also just been published. Buy Rare Earth by Paul Mason. The real problem is this is a country ruled through the suppression of historical memory.

Yup, I have affiliate links on this blog and there may be some in this amazing and completely free content below. If you book or buy something through these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Pretty much any book on China by Peter Hessler will be enjoyable, but Oracle Bones was the one that launched his writing career. Buy it on Amazon. Alec Ash, a journalist living in Beijing, explores this group by featuring six young ordinary Han Chinese.


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