Best books about music history

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best books about music history

Books That Every Music Lover Should Read | Penguin Random House

Looking for a gift for a music fan or just something decent to get your teeth into? There's no shortage of books shining a spotlight on both the glamour and grit of the rock 'n' roll world. If you only ever read one rock biography in your life, this is the one to go for. View Deal. If punk means more to you than just a slogan on an artfully ripped T-shirt, you need this book.
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Classical Music for Reading and Concentration

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100 Greatest Music Books of All Time

Too much? Makes sense. Much better to launch into a story about one of these 50 must-read books about music. His girlfriend, Laura, has just left him for the guy upstairs, and Rob is both miserable and relieved. After all, could he have spent his life with someone who has a bad record collection?

Virtually any paragraph written about its theory, its history, its analysis, its ethics or its science will be met with a hailstorm of contradiction and outrage, so I am nervous suggesting any books about music since such a list would undoubtedly infuriate as much as intrigue. The music itself can be enough, without comment, of course. But how boring life would be without the debate. The 10 books I've chosen here are simply ones that I have enjoyed reading about the subject I adore; they do not cover the subject comprehensively or even fairly, they are just ways of looking through the kaleidoscope at different angles. Mostly, these authors come at it from the perspective of preferring one type of music over another: yes, they are as opinionated and tribal as all of us fellow listeners. So explore and enjoy.

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Turns out: Rock stars can write! Guest writers noted below. Niven mixes his experiences in the UK industry during its final-days-of-Rome period with the satirical ultraviolence of American Psycho. His lead character eviscerates every talentless young band, and clueless exec, that comes his way, creating a story of brilliant savagery. Many books have chronicled the financial battles of The Beatles, both with their business associates and between themselves. Ever wonder why a song lingers long enough to feel like an integral part of your life?

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  1. These memoirs of your favorite musicians are sure to satisfy your desire to rock and read The singer, guitarist, and songwriter—best known for his work with . story of the band that changed music history, his extraordinary personal journey, .

  2. Documentary evidence in the form of names, places, and dates accumulates with dizzying force.

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