How to do a booklet in publisher

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how to do a booklet in publisher

MS Publisher. How to create an A5 booklet folded on the long edge - Super User

When you create and print a booklet using Microsoft Publisher, two pages print onto each side of each sheet of paper onto which you print. When you fold the pages accordingly, they will open like a book. The keys to creating a folding booklet in Publisher are proper page setup and printing techniques. Start Publisher. Go to the File menu and select Page Setup. Go to the Printer and Paper tab of the Page Setup dialog box. Choose the printer you want to use to print your booklet, if it is not the default printer.
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How to print a booklet in MS Publisher

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The original document is letter size, portrait orientation. The document is to be printed as a booklet on 11 x 17 paper saddle stitching two Chapter 6 How to print booklets optional finishing accessory ENWW. The default settings in Publisher are being used. After the booklet is created in Publisher or , click the Page Design tab. On the menu ribbon, click the Size arrow. The Page Setup dialog box opens. From the Layout type drop-down menu, select Booklet.

You can make a folded booklet like a small book or pamphlet by printing pages of a document in a special order and changing a couple of printing options. Your document needs to have a multiple of 4 number of pages 4, 8, 12, 16,…. You may need to add up to 3 blank pages. Open the print dialog. In the Orientation drop-down list, make sure that Landscape is selected.

Open the booklet file. Click FILE at the top of the page

Is there a way to get it to print the pages double sided, so that when I print them I can just fold the booklet and staple it? At the moment, it prints one sided - which means there are blank pages in between each page. I tried going into Printer Settings and changing it to print "double sided" but when I printed the document it did not print in the correct order. In the Publisher Print panel in the Settings section, ensure that the dropdown below Pages: is set to Booklet, side-fold. Then 2 dropdowns further, set it to Print on Both Sides Flip sheets on short edge.

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