Design and construction of egg incubator pdf

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design and construction of egg incubator pdf

Constructing a Plywood Incubator | Mississippi State University Extension Service

Taulo, D. Chimungu, and L. Box , Blantyre. It is favoured in order to increase the production of chicks and protein intake, particularly in the developing countries. Electrical incubators are the best where the supply of electricity is readily available and cheap.
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How to make 200 egg incubator automatic temperature - homemade incubator - simple incubator

The following illustrations are designed to guide the reader through the construction of a small plywood and glass incubator that will accomodate about chicken eggs.

Design and Construction of an Arduino Microcontroller-based EGG Incubator

Incubator has variety of applications but it has only one meaning, incubator is an apparatus consist of a box designed to maintain a constant temperature by the use of a thermoctal or thermictor; used for chicks or premature infants. Synoaym: brooder: it is an apparatus consisting of a box designed to maintain a constant temperature by the use of a thermostat; used for chicks or premature infants. In the business world, an incubator is an enterprise that is set up to provide office space, equipment, and sometimes mentioning assistance and capital to new businesses that are just getting stated. An apparatus in which environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, can be controlled, often used for growing bacterial cultures, hatching eggs artificially, or providing sinkable conditions for a chemical or biological reaction. Medicine: An apparatus for maintaining an infant, especially a premature infant, in an environment of controlled temperature, humidity, and oxygen concentration. A place or situation that permits or encourages the formation and development, as of new ideas: a college of that was an incubator of new approaches to sociology.

In order to provide eggs and chickens to Factor e Farm Dream Team 30, we will need to raise our chicken population from 24 to about chickens in For this, we need to hatch the chickens in an incubator, as natural brooding does not do the trick. We are getting 8 eggs per day even now, and this should increase to about At this rate, it would take us one month of hatching to increase our flock to the needed level. We should aim for an incubator with 48 egg capacity, and do about 5 hatching runs. Naturally, hens take care of the eggs by turning them often and sitting on them to maintain the necessary conditions for hatching.

Constructing a Plywood Incubator

In a modern society like ours, birds are reared for two reasons; as pets and as source of food. As pets, they are needed for the company of man and his comfort, but more seriously, we keep birds for the purpose of obtaining meat from them. The food referred to here implies the meat we eat from them which has become an essential part of every home today and the eggs hatched by them for either consumption by man or for continuity in life cycle of birds Abiola, From the foregoing, birds are very important to man necessitating the need to maximize its production. As a source of food, its rearing in large quantity can sustain the economy of a country by providing adequate supply of eggs and meat for both domestic consumption and export to other neighboring countries who are in dare need with a limited supply Akinyosove,


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