Globalization and public administration pdf

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globalization and public administration pdf

Effects of globalization on public administration

Globalization has brought about a transformation at virtually all levels of human activity that is unprecedented and cannot even be rivalled by industrialization as the latter took part in only a small part of the world. While there is still disagreement about when exactly globalization began there were two distinctive developments at the beginning of the s which undeniably at least accelerated the process of globalization. Like maybe no other invention the Internet has become identified with globalization as it perfectly represents the opportunities created by new communication technologies. The second development contributing to globalization is rather political in nature. The fall of the Berlin Wall in marked the beginning of the end of the Cold War era which witnessed its final event with the collapse of the Soviet Union in In the new unipolar world order there was an increasing pressure to uniformity, i. It was believed that globalization would lead to the emergence of a global culture based on Western values.
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Public administration in the context of globalisation, privatisation and liberalisation

Public Administration in the Age of Globalization

In the second half of the twentieth century the trio—liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation—became so much popular that both the printing and electronic media began to discuss the various aspects of the trio. First we shall discuss the definition of globalisation. The scholars have defined it variously. Deepak Nayyar — edited — Governing Globalisation. Issues and Institutions Oxford, discusses almost all the major aspects of globalisation, but its chief emphasis is on economic aspects. In one article it has been said that there are three manifestations of the phenomenon. Before discussing them, I would like to define the issue.

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The article discusses the influence that globalization holds over public management through the lens of several organization and in different times. The 21st century, under the impact of globalization, is ushering in a major transformation in the political, economic and cultural spheres across the globe. The resultant effect is change and innovation in public service management. Globalization has been instrumental in this; it is affecting the public administrative system as it is embedded in the state framework. The traditional institutions and processes are also presently being subjected to critical analysis. This calls for a change in the management procedures in the current administrative services.

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