Piano passing chords and progressions pdf

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piano passing chords and progressions pdf

Dominant Passing Chords | How To Play Passing Chords On Piano Keyboard

Passing chords help you get to and from main chords in your progression. They are like connecting devices, making your music more interesting. Sure you can go from C major to A minor to D minor to G7 but there are ways to enhance this progression when you understand passing chords. One of the most common passing chords is the diminished 7. Whenever you want to go to the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and even 7th tones of the scale, try placing a diminished 7 chord a half step lower. Of course, play around with inversions the order in which you play the chords and always be aware of your melody. Tagged as: passing chords.
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Passing Chords and Passing Notes

Common Harmonic Progressions—Part 1. . Diminished Passing Chords, Minor . .. In the Piano Version we see the diminished chord used in 20 measures.

Passing Chords – Use These Chords Almost Anywhere

This lesson is designed to take the intermediate piano player to the next level. Every key [whether major or minor] has its major or minor scale. The tones of this major [or minor] scale are known as scale degrees. Considering that the major scale has seven scale tones, there are also seven degrees of the major scale. The C major scale: …has the following scale degrees:.

The use of substitute Dominants or 7th chords This is one of the most common passing chord devices. This half step movement is very common and can be used from the other direction also. It is much more interesting if you alter the passing chord to a more jazzier one, such as the b5. The use of diminished 7 chords. Diminished chords are almost always used as passing chords.


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Passing Chords

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