Thomas troward bible mystery and bible meaning pdf

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thomas troward bible mystery and bible meaning pdf

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Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning, Thomas Troward Chap 2

iii. Bible Mystery and Bible. Meaning. T. Troward. – 信 isbn: ‑1‑‑‑3 (pdf) . Troward are unique in circulating themselves.

Bible mystery and Bible meaning

Thomas Troward — was an English author whose works influenced the New Thought Movement and mystic Christianity. Troward was a divisional Judge in British-administered India. His avocation was the study of comparative religion. After his retirement from the judiciary in , Troward set out to apply logic and a judicial weighing of evidence in the study of matters of cause and effect. Troward was a past president of the International New Thought Alliance.

NOTE—rAe reader is particularly requested to look up the various texts referredto, as their insertion would unduly extend this pamphlet. In the present pamphlet I have endeavoured to put before the reader in the smallest possible space certain clues to the prophetic utterances of the Bible showing that we are now living in that Time of the End to which they refer. The war now waging, which is without par- not a mere struggle for allel in all history, is national precedence, it isa conflict of princi- ples. Phil- osophically this would be the attitude of such an Intelligence as it looked down the ages of human evolution, an evolution rather of mind than of body; and if such a Supreme Intelli- gence gave utterance to what it thus saw, that utterance would be what we call prophecy. Now this is exactly what the Bible claims for the Divine Mind, and if we find these utterances paralleled by corresponding events we can only conclude that the men who recorded them spoke by Divine inspiration.

The emancipation of man means his deliverance from sorrow and sickness, from poverty, struggle, and uncertainty, from ignorance and limitation, and finally from death itself. Jesus says that if a man keeps his saying he shall never see death John viii. Now, what I propose is that we shall re-read the Bible on the supposition that Jesus and these other speakers really meant what they said. Of course, from the standpoint of the traditional interpretation this is a startling proposition. If a thing is true at all there is a way in which it is true, and when the way is seen, we find that to be perfectly reasonable which, before we understood the way, appeared unreasonable: we all go by railroad now, yet they were esteemed level-headed practical men in their day who proposed to coniine George Stephenson as a lunatic for saying that it was possible to travel at thirty miles an hour.

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