Over here the first world war and american society pdf

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over here the first world war and american society pdf

FSI - David M. Kennedy

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Politics and the First World War - Professor Sir Richard Evans

David M. Kennedy (historian)

This essay covers the historiography of military, political, social, and cultural aspects of U. As this body of literature attests, entry into the war thrust America onto the world stage and transformed its institutions and society. World War II caused the topic to languish until the s, when domestic turmoil influenced a wider reevaluation. This ambivalence has had a negative impact on scholarly study of the war, illustrated by the fact that the standard works on the military and home front are now forty-nine and thirty-seven years old, respectively. Nonetheless, a vast body of literature exists that encompasses many essential aspects of the war and its influence on the last century of American history. These volunteers, many of whom came from upper-crust families, were often motivated by outrage over German conduct and a strong sense of duty. For an overall history, see John P.

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Stanford University. David M. Kennedy is the Donald J. His teaching has included courses in the history of the twentieth-century United States, American political and social thought, American foreign policy, national security strategies, American literature, and the comparative development of democracy in Europe and America. Reflecting his interdisciplinary training in American Studies, which combined the fields of history, literature, and economics, Kennedy's scholarship is notable for its integration of economic and cultural analysis with social and political history, and for its attention to the concept of the American national character. His book, Birth Control in America: The Career of Margaret Sanger , embraced the medical, legal, political, and religious dimensions of the subject and helped to pioneer the emerging field of women's history. With Thomas A.

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