Monkey and the cap seller story pdf

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monkey and the cap seller story pdf

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These are short moral stories for kids. Find a free collection of short stories for kids online from this website. Post a Comment. Puplished by Morals Stories for Kids. Kids moral stories.
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The Cap Seller and the Monkeys Story - Panchatantra Stories for Kids - English Stories - KidsOne

Cap seller and Monkey-Story Books for Kids

When the cap seller woke was shocked see his basket empty. Once cap seller was passing through jungle. Many monkeys lived the jungle. Once small town there lived man who used sell the caps. He lied down and had nap under big mango tree. Oct presenting the monkey and the cap seller story moral story for children from kids hut naming the monkey and the cap seller story the cap seller and the monkeys story with moral clever thinking can easily solve problem. Download cap seller and monkey kids moral stories file type mp3 download cap seller and monkey kids moral stories bitrate kbps full album kualitas hd.

You can also download this story in PDF. I hope you all enjoyed the moral story The Monkey and The Cap Seller - Short Stories for Kids.
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Story 1 There lived a poor cap seller in a small town. He earned his living by selling caps to needy people who were fed up with the scorching sunlight of summer time. He came very hungry and thirsty and wanted to take a break. A saw a dense tree as a potential shelter and stopped by. He ate his lunch and quenched his thirst. He was so tired that he fell into slumber soon.

Once upon a time, a cap seller was traveling by walk by way of a forest to a village. It was a very warm day and so he chose to lay down under a tree and take sleep for sometime till the sun sets down. As he was extremely tired he slept quickly. They opened the bag and found the colourful caps inside. The monkeys picked up the caps and climbed back up the trees.

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  1. Let us enjoy reading this story of The Cap-Seller and The Monkeys. Once, there was a cap-seller in a town. On one fine day, he was selling caps. “Caps, caps.

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