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hippocrates diet and health program pdf

The Hippocrates Diet | Our Everyday Life

The raw vegan Hippocrates diet, which is very high in chlorophyll, is centered on wheatgrass, sprouts and edible algaes. The Hippocrates diet uses only plant-based uncooked foods. Heat destroys enzymes found in living foods that Wigmore asserts are necessary for good health. Vegetables should be fresh, raw and organic, and fruits should be ripe when harvested. Raw vegan diets are said to improve energy and strengthen the immune system. Columbia University researchers evaluated changes in quality of life and immune markers of 51 subjects attending the Hippocrates Health Institute. The most common disease diagnosis among participants was cancer.
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The Fast Food Genocide - Our Nutritional Heritage leading us to Health Tragedies, Brain Damage,

[P.D.F] The Hippocrates Diet Health Program (Natural Diet and Health Program for Weight Control,

Thousands and thousands of people have created health for themselves following the Hippocrates Institute program over the last 50 years since Ann Wigmore founded the institute. And they did it by showing up, learning the material that is taught in the lectures, and going home to make the lifestyle changes they felt comfortable making. If you love yourself enough to give your body what it needs and eliminate the toxins: toxic food, toxic stress, even toxic relationships, you will create energy, vitality and health. You could certainly do all this without this Guide. However, it is my belief that this will give you a running start so you can focus on YOU during your entire stay.

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Dec 01, ISBN For more than forty years, Ann Wigmore, founder of the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute and internationally acclaimed holistic health educator, taught that what we eat profoundly affects our health. Through a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and super nutritious foods such as sprouts and wheatgrass juice, all of which are prepared without cooking, the body is able to restore its internal balance—and its capacity to maintain a healthy weight, fight disease, and heal itself. The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program is an indispensible guide to healthy living, filled with easy-to-follow recipes and money-saving health tips. It is never easy for anyone to break bad eating habits, but when you are ready to make the decision to lose weight, regain youthful energy, or prevent illness, The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program can be your guide. Ann Wigmore dedicated her life to teaching others the health benefits of natural foods. She spent years experimenting to find simple, healthful, and inexpensive ways to grow and prepare nutrient-rich foods.

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