Schopenhauer essays and aphorisms pdf

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schopenhauer essays and aphorisms pdf

Essays and Aphorisms by Arthur Schopenhauer. | books in | Books, Penguin classics, Short essay

In these pages I shall speak of The Wisdom of Life in the common meaning of the term, as the art, namely, of ordering our lives so as to obtain the greatest possible amount of pleasure and success; an art the theory of which may be called Eudaemonology, for it teaches us how to lead a happy existence. Such an existence might perhaps be defined as one which, looked at from a purely objective point of view, or, rather, after cool and. Now whether human life corresponds, or could possibly correspond, to this conception of existence, is a question to which, as is well-known, my philosophical system returns a negative answer. On the eudaemonistic hypothesis, however, the question must be answered in the affirmative; and I have shown, in the second volume of my chief work ch. Accordingly, in elaborating the scheme of a happy existence, I have had to make a complete surrender of the higher metaphysical and ethical standpoint to which my own theories lead; and everything I shall say here will to some extent rest upon a compromise; in so far, that is, as I take the common standpoint of every day, and embrace the error which is at the bottom of it. My remarks, therefore, will possess only a qualified value, for the very word eudaemonology is a euphemism. Further, I make no claims to completeness; partly because the subject is inexhaustible, and partly because I should otherwise have to say over again what has been already said by others.
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Embed Size px x x x x In the business moved toHamburg, and in Arthur, who was expected to inherit it, was apprenticed as aclerk to another Hamburg house. He hated the work, so in , two years after hisfather's suicide and the sale of the business, he enrolled at the grammar school at Gotha. In he entered Gttingen University to study medicine and science; the followingyear he took up philosophy. In he transferred to Berlin to write his doctoral thesis

Read in: 4 minutes Favorite quote from the author:. Genius hits a target no one else can see. Without formulating it as biologically as someone like Richard Dawkins did in The Selfish Gene , he figured out our desire to have children is what drives most of our behavior. Since it distracts us from employing our intellect, has us chasing silly status symbols, and makes us attract many people of the opposite sex, most of which are terrible long-term partners, he saw it as a sort of necessary, but evil force, which had to be kept in check, for example by studying art and philosophy. It is one of two essays from his last work, Parerga und Paralipomena , published in , and establishes a simple model of happiness. If you want to save this summary for later, download the free PDF and read it whenever you want. Download PDF.

One of the greatest philosophers of the nineteenth century, Schopenhauer believed that human action is determined not by reason but by 'will' - the blind and irrational desire for physical existence. This selection of his writings on religion, ethics, politics, women, suicide, books and many other themes is taken from Schopenhauer's last work, Parerga and Paralipomena , which he published in These pieces depict humanity as locked in a struggle beyond good and evil, and each individual absolutely free within a Godless world, in which art, morality and self-awareness are our only salvation. This innovative - and pessimistic - view has proved powerfully influential upon philosophy and art, directly affecting the work of Nietzsche, Wittgenstein and Wagner among others. Arthur Schopenhauer was born in Danzig in where his family, of Dutch origin, owned a respected trading house. Arthur was expected to inherit the business, but hated the work and in , after his father's suicide and the sale of the business, he enrolled in the grammar school at Gotha. He went on to study medicine and science at Gottingen University and in began to study philosophy.

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