The poor and their money pdf

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the poor and their money pdf

Social Protection, Marginality, and Extreme Poverty: Just Give Money to the Poor? | SpringerLink

My last article was about why high paid athletes go broke. This, of course, is not the case with all athletes. Many are smart enough to get mentors who help them make smart financial decisions. And many go into business and make smart investment moves with their money. Take in as much as you can, and spend as little as you can.
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Social Protection, Marginality, and Extreme Poverty: Just Give Money to the Poor?

Make Your Own List. Modern microfinance was born in the late s, and is now viewed as a key way of helping people in poor countries get out of poverty. Author and practitioner Stuart Rutherford recommends the best books to get a basic understanding of microfinance. In the s he set up Safe Save, his own microfinance co-operative in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and later in Hrishipara, a rural area. When I was still an architectural student, I took some time out working for an economic research organisation in Nicaragua, just after the earthquake that devastated the capital, Managua. I spent days in the shanty towns talking to poor people, and I became aware of something that I previously had no idea about at all — the ways in which they manage their money. I came across moneylenders and pawnbrokers and savings and loan clubs and many other curious and ingenious devices and was immediately fascinated.

Read the full comprehensive summary at Shortform. The Poor Dad represents the traditional view on work and money - go to school, get a good job and climb the ladder, prize stability over independence, buy a house, and spend money without a clear long-term plan. The Rich Dad represents what was then a more contrarian view - work for salary if you have to, but aim for financial independence; have your money generate more money; and take calculated risks boldly. Most people adopt the Poor Dad view of finances and life. Even worse, they let money control their life:. They get rich by owning things that make them more money. Wealthy people use their Income to buy Assets that return more Income.

The Economics of Microfinance

Marginality pp Cite as. Social protection programs, especially cash transfer programs, have spread across low- and middle-income countries since the beginning of the millennium, and are increasingly part of national development strategies to assist the poor and particularly the poorest. This chapter lays out a wide range of debates about the specific goals, targets, and conditions of social protection and cash transfers. While there is no single best program option, the authors identified five overriding principles for effective efforts. Thus social protection programs and cash transfers work best when they are: fair, assured, practical, large enough to impact household income, and popular.

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