California dmv written test questions and answers 2015 pdf

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california dmv written test questions and answers 2015 pdf

#1 FREE CDL General Knowledge Practice Test

Liked this page? Share it with friends: Tweet. Choose a Language for Your Training. We are a nation of immigrants and diversity is what makes us unique. If you speak a language other than English and want to take a driver permit training in that language - you are in the right place. If your State already supports your language — you are all set: take full training with us in your language and then take a final DMV exam on that language. If your State supports English only — no worries: take full training with us in your language and then switch to English to double check how you pass the same exam in officially accepted language.
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2018 California DMV written tests - 5 different tests

Before you come into DMV to take your knowledge test, practice taking one (or all ) of these There will be one correct answer and the other two answer choices will be either Remember, all the test questions are taken from the handbook. Sitemap · Conditions of Use · Privacy Policy · Accessibility Certification (PDF).

DMV written test

You will need a federal compliant card such as a passport, military ID, or REAL ID to board a domestic flight or access some federal facilities beginning October 1, Before you come into DMV to take your knowledge test, practice taking one or all of these sample tests. Only JavaScript enabled browsers will check your answer and provide an immediate pop-up response indicating if your answer was correct or not. Browsers that do not support JavaScript may seem to indicate the wrong answer as the correct answer. An answer sheet is provided for those browsers which do not support JavaScript. New questions will be added periodically.

You should: a Slow to a safe speed before the curve b Slow to the posted speed limit for the freeway c Wait until you have entered the curve to begin braking. What is the best thing to do? Traffic is heavy and moving at 35 mph. The best speed for your vehicle is most likely: a 25 mph b 35 mph c 30 mph. Where should you first stop? Your tire suddenly goes flat and you need to pull over and get help. Where should you pull over?

CDL General Knowledge Test

2019 California DMV Written Test # 6 (HARD QUESTIONS) - California DMV Written Test 2019

Take the full length, timed test below to prepare yourself for the challenge. CDL general knowledge test is one of several parts of the test that you made need to take for licensing for any job that you aspire to have. For instance, if you want to drive a class A, B or C vehicle you need to take both the general knowledge and the transporting cargo test parts. If there is a chance that you will be driving a vehicle with air brakes, you also need to take the air brakes section of the test. If you do not take this part of the test you may limit your ability to drive many different types of vehicles.

Here you can practice for the California DMV written test. The renewal of written test contains only 18 questions. A passing score is at least 15 correct answers. Before you go to renew your written test, practice online for the written test and read the California Driver Handbook. The test questions contains general rules and safe driving skills. Test your knowledge in these categories and Start written test practice.

The update to our DMV practice test is now launched. While some old questions have been removed from the test, several new questions have been added. As always, this is the most reliable and up-to-date license and driving permit practice test you can find online. And it is free. Studies show that reliability improve with larger numbers of questions the practice tests. This will help you prepare with much less effort and ace the real test. Remember, the California knowledge test is based on information contained in the California Driver Handbook.

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