Introduction to health psychology morrison and bennett pdf

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introduction to health psychology morrison and bennett pdf

Morrison, Bennett: Summary Health Psychology, Ch 1 to 17 / Liberal Arts & Sciences - Knoowy

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Health psychology: An introduction

_Morrison 4/6/07 AM Page 1Val Morrison and Paul Bennett An Introduction to Health Psychology is a new.

HE educators

Bestaande uit Hoofdstuk 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11,12, Bestaande uit hoofdstukken: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11,12,13 Gezondheidspsychologie 4e editie, gebruikt voor de opleiding Toegepaste Psychologie aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam HvA. Health and Medical Book Summary This summary will save you from needing to buy the book at all. With the knowledge in this and the lecture slides you will easily pass! At the beginning of each lecture, the lecturers list some learning outcomes they expect by the end of the lecture. These are examinable, and so I have used these as headings. These are in BOLD throughout the entire document.

Health psychology examines the determinants of health, illness and sick-role behaviours, in an attempt to inform interventions designed to modify such behaviours where required. The Morrison book provides information on all the aspects of health psychology, whereas information about applying knowledge to intervention design is lacking from the [competitor] book. I think the Morrison book is better on this aspect the main reason why I prefer the Morrison book Morrison includes a chapter on health inequalities and chapters on putting health psychology into practice. These topics are not covered in much detail in the [competitor] book. I particularly like the inclusion of chapters dealing with health inequalities and population approaches to public health as specific areas of relevance to Health Psychologists.

What is Health? Changing Perspectives Models of Health and Illness Mind-Body Relationships Hippocrates thought that balance of the humours four bodily fluids was influenced by eating healthily, which shows a relationship between the body and mind. Galen thought that there was a pathological basis for all ill health physical and mental and he believed that the humours were linked to the four temperaments sorts of moods. In the Middle Ages, disease was thought to be a punishment by god. Around Renaissance , the scientific revolution influenced the field of health to a great extent. Descartes proposed that the mind and body were two different things, and that interaction between the two was possible dualism , the mind is non- material. Dualists look at the body from a mechanistic viewpoint: the body is only understandable as the sum of its parts, in occurrence with the biomedical model: diseases have a physiological explanation.

Introduction to Health Psychology PDF eBook_o4, 4/E Val Morrison, Lecturer in Health Psychology, University of Wales, Bangor: Paul Morrison & Bennett.
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