Derek and clive guinness book of records

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derek and clive guinness book of records

Derek and Clive: The Guinness Book of World Records (very R-rated) | This is not my blog.

Eyebrow, lowbrow He wants to be Goering, but being Liberace would be 'tasteless'. About as much as John Birt Productions, in fact Oh well. Let's talk and Derek and Clive for a bit. Those two warped variants on Pete and Dud have, after all, been very popular. And eventually Chris Blackwell [Island Records founder] put them out on an album.
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Derek & Clive - The Horn

Guinness Book of Records – Derek and Clive

Ask the right wrong person and their eyes will light up with mischief and horrible recognition. They have found a kindred spirit. It is a vile body of work that stands alone in the annals of comedy. In the witterings of two toilet attendants, you can hear the old head-to-head Pete and Dud sketches — the ones that won Cook and Moore fame and affection on their s BBC2 series Not Only But Also — curdling into a thing of genuine darkness.

The targets, insofar as there are any in Derek and Clive's world, are Island Records agreed to release the tapes, plus some extras, as Derek.
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Derek And Clive - This Bloke Came Up to me

I like the bit at the end — with Pete and Dud self-eulogising — this "bit of tape" quite neatly summarises why they were two of the finest comics this country ever produced. RIP Pete and Dud. Pissed and stoned the pair of them. Get it… get it now! Ps That Dolly sounds fekin useless.

The characters are foul-mouthed extensions of the earlier characters Pete and Dud. Considered highly offensive by many at the time, the sketches primarily took the form of bizarre, sometime drunken streams of consciousness led by Cook, with interjections from Moore. Memorable moments from the records include Clive claiming that the worst job he ever had was retrieving lobsters from Jayne Mansfield 's arsehole, Derek claiming his worst job was cleaning up Winston Churchill 's bogeys leading the pair to conclude that the Titanic was one such bogey , Clive claiming that he was sexually aroused by the sight of a deceased Pope lying in state, and a horse-racing 'commentary' featuring horses named after sexual organs or their vulgarised derivatives. Though the recordings were far too crude for a mainstream audience, Derek and Clive bootleg recordings circulated. They were mostly unscripted dialogues incorporating copious swearing - including frequent use of the word " cunt ". The characters, supposedly two lavatory attendants although in one sketch, 'Back of the Cab', they play the roles of two London taxi drivers first surfaced in the mids. Cook and Moore were performing on Broadway with their revue show Good Evening , a live version of their television series Not Only

And, erm, I was in, er, the living room the other day and, er, I felt I was going to sneeze, you know. And every half-hour when I wanted to sneeze, you know, I reserved it instead of blowing it out into the hanky an' that. And when I'd got a good pile of it up my nose and - I think it was running down my troat actually 'cause I had so much of it, you know, I thought I had about at least ten yards. And I I was watching, erm, '' with Ted Rogers. And I thought: 'What am I doing?

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  1. Derek and Clive was a double act of comedic characters created by Dudley Moore (Derek) and Peter Cook (Clive) in the s. The performances were captured on the records Derek and Clive (Live) Transcripts of further, unreleased, out takes are available in a book titled Come Again, edited by William Cook and feature.

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