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janet and john books dog

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Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Sign In Register. I'll let an extract from the article below, explain:- In , when the books were "updated" for the modern generation, the perceived social stereotyping was toned down and more [ie any] ethnic minority characters were added. But now the unashamedly middle England, middle 20th Century originals are back in print, and they are part of a major trend in publishing towards nostalgic facsimile editions of old favourites People remember it from the past with happy memories.
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Terry Wogan Reads Janet And John The Church Organ

Janet and John is the title of a series of early reading books for children, originally published in the UK by James Nisbet and Co in four volumes in –

What was the name of the dog in the Janet and John books?

The characters in my children's books were Ramu, Sita and Gopal! Village with three corners here, Jennifer Yellow Hat! Another one with the Village with 3 Corners. I loved it and it's brought back fond memories as I loved school and learning to read. Anyone remember having words in a tobacco tin?

This was in the early 60s, and these dour books did the deed tediously and joylessly. No one who had to read those phrases over and over and over as I did could ever forget them. Like a bad pop lyric they echo round your head, all that seeing and running - a strange, stilted, dreary 50s world of prissy children, perfect parents, and hyperactive dogs. And God forbid there should be characters, or a joke or a rhyme. Learning to read was a serious business - and don't you forget it. And woe betide the slow learner. My husband couldn't read until he was 8 or 9, yet was stuck with Janet and John regardless.

John Joiner is definitely a Cairn terrier. Robert John wrote it for his wife because his wife Janet John had cancer by the early s, and he noticed her "sad eyes" Hope this helped :. The dog, belonging to George, is named Timmy. George's dog is called Timothy and nicknamed either Tim or Timmy in the series. Rimmers dog, The one to which he had limited access to after he divorced his parents was never given a name. Not in the series nor the books.

Finally, to answer your question, The 'Janet and John' books were written Mabel O'Donnell and Rona Munro and their dog was called DARKY.
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Janet and John books may jog the memory on what you first read, it did in the Spring Chicken Community! Comments poured in with fond memories of learning to read these books at school and listening to a parody of them on the radio. Loved Janet and John when I was at school. Bless you, Terry still missed so very much. No TV at home and a phone was in a red booth down the road in those days, how technology has advanced! They started me on the mystic road of books. They opened up a world of imagination and escapism that I still relish, I cannot in my wildest dreams envisage a life without books.

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