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power and empire book review

TOM CLANCY POWER AND EMPIRE by Marc Cameron | Kirkus Reviews

If you're already a Tom Clancy and Jack Ryan fan, you're definitely going to want to pick up this book, as Cameron's novel doesn't disappoint and is one that would make the late Clancy proud. From the outset, the book is a page-turner; it immediately introduces various characters and storylines that hook the reader and keep them waiting to see how seemingly unrelated events in the plot begin to intertwine. The Chinese oil tanker's destination is Seattle, Washington, but a massive explosion rocks the ship as it travels through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, leaving many wondering what the tanker and its crew were unknowingly transporting. Back in Texas, Jack Ryan, Jr. Though a stakeout fails to lead Ryan, Jr.
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Tom Clancy Power and Empire (A Jack Ryan Novel)

Set in the Tom Clancy universe, President Jack Ryan and The Campus must prevent a secret cabal heightening the tensions between the United States and China from causing a violent coup in the Chinese government. It debuted at number six on the New York Times bestseller list. However, his moderate stance on national and international issues angers hardliners in the Chinese government, particularly Foreign Minister Li Zhengsheng, who perceives him to be a weakling. He then creates a secret cabal of like-minded government officials that plots to escalate tensions between China and the United States, which would lead to U. President Jack Ryan invoking the Ryan Doctrine and order to have Zhao killed on account of his supposed recklessness, therefore paving the way for Li's ascension into power.

Picking up a long running series as a new author is a severe challenge, especially a series that has run over 30 years. Although there are no unexpected revelations about any characters, for long-running readers of this series there is the comforting continuum of characters and events with previous novels. However, the plot of this novel, although it pushes forward with the usual page-turning speed of a Clancy novel, does not quite have the intricately meshed subplots of previous Jack Ryan novels. Clancy novels are a master of worldwide intrigue and danger, and although Cameron certainly captures the look and feel of this series, the finely tuned maneuverings of each set of characters and actions do not quite fit with the Swiss-watch precision readers expect from these books. This leaves the reader trying to determine how all the various machinations and characters will collide in the climactic scene found in every Clancy novel. About three-quarters through the book, the reader is almost left wondering if there will be a direct sequel cliffhanger, but then suddenly the book races toward a conclusion that leaves the reader somewhat bewildered that everything wrapped up so neatly. Taking on such a well-known cast of characters from the originator of the techno-thriller, Cameron has some big shoes to fill and is taking some steady steps to do so.

Power and Empire book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. President Jack Ryan is dealing with an aggressive challenge from.
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Thank you! Concurrently, Ryan Senior is dealing with Chinese president Zhao Chengzhi without realizing Zhao has deadly enemies within his government. The book has a hard-charging, straight-as-a-desert-road plot sans twists or turns, with minimal character development to obscure pages of action ranging from pirates targeting yachts to armed smack downs of pimp hideaways from Texas to Argentina to Tokyo, among other locales. There was a problem adding your email address. Please try again.

Instead, the stop turns out to be anything but routine, when a frail young girl was rescued after being held against her will and used in a child sex ring. Clark, a former Navy SEAL, gives the woman what she wants, and happily takes their wrestling match into the deep end. But an old SEAL still loves the water. As other seemingly random events occur around the world, President Jack Ryan and his administration start connecting the dots. While the Campus does their work in the shadows, Ryan must find a way to get ahead of President Zaho before the two countries engage in an all-out war.

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