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paul zindel books and plays

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Zindel developed an interest in science at a young age, and from his early years he wrote plays and acted. His novels are consistently optimistic despite their acknowledgement of a less-than-ideal present. Zindel broke new ground in with the horror story Loch , which he followed with The Doom Stone and Reef of Death He also wrote screenplays of his own works as well as those for Up the Sandbox , Runaway Train , and several made-for-television movies. Paul Zindel. Info Print Cite.
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Play for 4th Period "The Pigman" by Paul Zindel

Paul Zindel Biography

The son of a policeman and a nurse, Zindel's father left to run off with his mistress when he was only two years old, leaving him with his mother and his older sister. Zindel began writing in high school and wrote many plays throughout his teenage years. He attended Wagner College where he trained as a chemist and later worked at a place called Allied Chemical as a chemical writer. Zindel also attended creative writing courses in college while working on his undergraduate degree. After quitting his job as a chemical writer, he began working as a Chemistry and Physics teacher at Tottenville High School on Staten Island.

Early Adventures

Zindel's debut novel, The Pigman, was part of a new genre of fiction aimed exclusively at teenage readers. Along with SE Hinton, Robert Cormier and Judy Blume, he helped build a body of literature, long ignored by publishers, that for the first time addressed contemporary teen issues with honesty and humour. Creating a fictional universe inhabited by single parents, monstrous friends and boys in unfortunate specs, Zindel's books soon had even the most reluctant readers scouring the local library. Zindel's own traumatic childhood provided him with a life-time's worth of material. Born in Staten Island, New York, his father was a police officer who abandoned the family when Zindel was two years old. His mother, a nurse, also worked as a hot-dog vendor and hat-check attendant, and supplemented her income by taking in dying patients as boarders. The family moved at least once a year.

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From Pulitzer prize-winning playwright to young adult fiction writer, American author Paul Zindel turned his real-life turbulent marked by disturbance and unrest teens into fictional stories to show teenagers that their lives and feelings do matter. His father, also named Paul, left Zindel, his older sister Betty, and his mother, Betty, for a girlfriend when young Paul was just two years old. This event began Zindel's early adventures. After his father left, Zindel's mother started moving from town to town and from job to job. From shipyard worker to dog breeder, Betty Zindel seemed unable to keep any job. Yet Zindel offered a sort of compliment to his mother: "what mother lacked in money, she made up for being able to talk a mile a minute. Zindel described his home as a "house of fear.

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