Cancer and vitamin c book

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cancer and vitamin c book

High-Dose Vitamin C (PDQ®)–Health Professional Version - National Cancer Institute

The selective anticancer properties of vitamin C are known since at least four decades. However, only recently in vitro studies have shown that vitamin C, in high enough concentrations, can efficiently and selectively kill a number of different human tumor cell lines, and these data have been confirmed in experimental animal tumor models. The first human clinical trials revealed that high doses of vitamin C administered by intravenous injection are not only very well tolerated but also substantially improve the quality of life of patients with clinically advanced cancer. However, the clinical evidence of the effectiveness of vitamin C in fighting off cancer is still controversial. The present chapter outlines the importance of vitamin C for a number of physiological functions, within the human body, and shows that there is a solid rationale for its use in the routine treatment of cancer, either alone or in combination with conventional treatment. Vitamin C. The anticancer effects of vitamin C ascorbic acid are known since , when Benade et al.
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Treat Cancer With Vitamin C!

High dose vitamin C and cancer: Has Linus Pauling been vindicated?

Over 1. This book, written by a Nobel Prize winner and the medical director of the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, explains in plain language the nature and known causes. The book also evaluates various modes of treatment including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormones, immunotherapy, as well as a number of unorthodox treatments. Detailed accounts of cancer patients who have benefited from using vitamin C as an adjunct therapy are included. My family doctor was amazed at my results and told me to keep doing what I was doing.

1. Introduction

Ascorbic acid vitamin C has been gaining attention as a potential treatment for human malignancies., This cancer information summary provides an overview of the use of high- dose vitamin C also known as ascorbate or L- ascorbic acid as a treatment for people with cancer.



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  1. Treating cancer with high-doses of vitamin C is a zombie idea that began with Linus Pauling, and has failed to die ever since.

  2. Cancer and Vitamin C explains in plain language the nature and known causes of this disease. Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more.

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  4. The first human clinical trials revealed that high doses of vitamin C the discoverer of vitamin C, who, in the introduction to the Stone's book.

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